N.Y.C. D.I.Y. is the latest release from Franci$co featuring NineLives The Cat. Based in New York after leaving his native Australia, NineLives has been blowing up of late as part of punk outfit The Deathset and has also been working with the likes of Ninja Sonik on their recent Anxiety Attacks mix-tape in the US . Meanwhile Franci$co has been rapidly winning over fans with a string of edits and remixes and his energetic DJ sets. N.Y.C. D.I.Y. sums up the current cavalier spirit of underground electronic dance music with its slap-dash bouncing bass and DIY fresh ghetto beats. Remixes include Mickey ‘Magic’ Escobar’s heavy electro blowout, with it’s respectful nod to Planet Rock whilst the ZAP! POW! DIE! mix slams things firmly into peak time, main-room business. Franci$co’s own Lazer Club mix takes the original up a few notches and the Mac The Hand mix punches out a 140bpm banger with slamming manic beats and crazy synths.

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